Hyper 8 - Pushrod Suspension



There is a built in flaw in the front suspension of the Super Seven.



When the wheel moves upwards, which it does while cornering, the coilover shock absorber becomes more and more inclined. This produces a lower spring ratio the more load the wheel gets.


Do we want an inversed progressive spring rate? No...

That is why the Hyper 8 will use a pushrod suspension operating the coilover via a fulcrum which keeps the spring-to-wheel ratio linear.


Sounds like we made the car a little heavier.

Yes, but the gain is bigger than the loss.


The fulcrum is made with our philosophy in mind.

It is made from cheap materials.

It is easy to make. (Though a bit time consuming.)

The bearings are standard of-the-shelf bearings. Very cheap.

The weight is equivalent to a much more expensive billet aluminium fulcrum.




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