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Thank you for visiting our web page. We are proud to announce the birth of the worlds first Hyper 8. Read more to find out what Hyper 8 stands for.






In the late fifties, Lotus presented a stunning car which changed the perception of what a sportscar can be. Performance, simplicity and sheer fun behind the steering wheel were the keywords for success. The Super Seven was born.


The simplicity of the Super Seven opened the door for numerous manufacturers to copy the concept. A new industry developed where the original concept was somewhat refined, but not by much. That is where Hyper 8 comes in.


One might see a Seven with an independent rear suspension and a V8 engine as a big development, but we choose not to. The step from "Super Seven" to "Hyper 8" is greater than a bigger engine and a somewhat refined suspension.


The Hyper 8 is a racing car.


It is also a new level of Seven.


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Hyper 8 - A new level of Seven